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Box of Rain

And its just a box of rain, I dont know who put it there,
Believe it if you need it, or leave it if you dare.

It was always pretty much known what was located 21 paces at 21 degrees from the box of rain. But the carefully guarded secret was, of course, where the box of rain itself was hidden.

So that no one person could compromise its location, clues to its location were split into three parts, and dispersed with three different people. Each simply described a location some distance away.

But, thru diligent research, I have managed to locate these three pieces, once thought lost, and gather them together in one place, right on this server.

However, the webmaster has placed a simple password on each piece, to keep the indexing and archiving engines off them. The password, in each case, is the answer to a seemingly simple question, just hard enough to keep the bots off. Moreover, to keep server load down and hack bots off it is as well, guesses are limited; wrong answers will have to wait 'til later to try again (and it has also been rumored that getting them all right on the first try is a Very Good Thing).


Posted 21 Jun 2009 -- Pink Panther, with some assistance from Sir Braemoor and the webmaster. Happy B'Day, LB