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The Zandor Codex
COSTA RICA guides the white quetzal
While only singles and couples follow
The lascivious dogs cast by the side
Creator found in holly, hemlock and oak

The two white clad doctors work
Becomes known across the universe
The first for his fighting family
The second for his love of sweets

To vex the sumerians they come
The friends with the one glove
While the vile unctuous one
With magi and succubae cavorts

The twins in their prime arrive
Seven fingers on their hands
Great fame the younger finds
The elder for obscurity destined

Trouble between ister and rhenos
The savage traitor revealed
Where the seven seekers find
A future outside the walls

The janke cheats the dalmatian
For their children a great rivalry
Animals grand and small perish
Treasure unsplit and children joined

The singing astrologer's toy
Found there in the new city
Between the river and the lake
The lost city she seeks out

Demise of the snake gods
Has a silver lining
Clouds part to reveal
No beginning and no end

By treachery the king cast aside
Bishops and knights carry on
Though they be unable to speak
Iota beta and phi are intrigued

The horse tramples the dog
The friends join in memory
Their deed saved from obscurity
By the deeds of their child

The biologists share grave words
Fame for their charges spreads
The first yields not to trends
The second yields all control

Trouble in the chief city brews
Between blake and bailey it crawls
The white horse of the sixth
Does not find the way out

He follows the path of the snake
Forbidden green behind the wood
Not satisfied with discovered oil
While noblemen no longer follow

Gold in the sinking land
A great boon to the agile
Intrigue in the city of light
A missing link they find

The innocent are murdered
While the guilty go free
Eleven cries in the street
Broken land knows peace nevermore

The five brothers on the great lake
Under a waxing sun of destruction
A myth of law for the horrified
A fierce storm for their thoughts

The white clad doctor sweet
In rosh caught by spies
One from jail another free
A promising venture in ruin

From the south come the two
Lost and without the commodity
Until the Messiah does arrive
And spins it out of thin air

The skin doctor with the family
Lead hordes into the village
Where rape and mayhem follow
Plunging into darkness and silence

The dead and the damned
Together rise as one
To consecrate the new land
Where for seven years they reign

The beast swims the great lake
While the roses he hates wither
The faithful grow disappointed
While a false messiah does many irk

The great lumberjack's boss
Hides from the day of darkness
While less fortunates follow
And beg the queen for food

The triplets rise to power
Though only for a brief moment
When the child seduces her father
Down he falls towards eternal bliss

Sick uncle and cruel son
Push further into darkness
Burst of light and fame
But forsaken in the end

The queen and his friend
Dance in the square with children
The river flows deep and wide
Out where the far moon drifts

The lascivious poet's ghost lives
Until reincarnated in the north
Where clay men with new fire play
Somewhere at the edge of the day

His smokes and land are green
As he speaks with african voice
When the emperor is cast down
In a chariot he does escape

Trouble brews past greater karakathay
In uniforms young men are sewn
Change comes not without price
Scribe and player put to death

Fierce winds from the south
While phobos looks on smiling
They dance by the cemetery
Where the tombstones drip blood

From the land of the dragon
She knows nothing but pain
Until cast out it is
By the shadow of the Messiah

Milk plums grapes and corn
One from fourteen is taken
Where she walks the great lake
When born is the doorman

The boy with the african friend
Has the hatred of his father
Big hair consumed in big fire
When big O marks four ends

She performs for silver pieces
Through the new city they are lead
A rampage of blood and gore
Until her own life she takes

By tung king a path leads nowhere
Followed by warriors on the wing
Dreaming of african hues
Dreaming of newts in the dirt

The fox hides among the hides
Finding peace yet not prosperity
With the future sky alien
Sits the lone black rook

North to south moves the jester
Mirth lost in sevenhundred and eightyfive
The nice king and a rooster
Find a future in the gay city

Trouble in the land of the dragon
Prophecies of rain and ill wind
Visitation by the un-messiah
Visitation by the bringer of illusions

Upon mountain of fire screams
The unnamed one, un-messiah renamed
The assassin's chariot crashes
Everyone surprised he lives on

The dalmatian in a jam found
When at ninety the gift is lost
As the sky aliens go down
At seven and seven giftless

Missing somewhere in the wild
Said to be on top of the rock
So obscure that all know ignorance
His father's father's head spins

Down the garden path she leads them
Heartless mindless savages by the way
Otherworldly voices haunt the onlookers
Watchmakers squabble where cats purr

At the market the gentleman stricken
By cartwright's blackthorn shillelagh
Cursed obscurity becomes immortality
By virtue of failed democracy

Mayhem to the land of the new
Fierce winds across the flatland
Boundaries crumble to the ground
Blood drips from their fingertips

Beyond the hills by the sea
The bear by a lone tree vexed
Four cyclops hide from everyone
While eclectic snobs are amused

The sycophant without his friends
The shipwright prepares for journey
Tonatiuh in the house of the sky alien
From her gut the behemoth claws free

The old man bearing a gift
Sixteen with a new toy
And eleven learn a new game
Horror in the name of the moon

The one not free leads them on
With golden mane in the sky
The fish and the fifth slither
The spirit sinks into numbness

Holy words from their lips
Banished is the un-messiah
Ribbons of light and dark
In the end a laughing stock

Seven from the cyclops home
Circles collide and goo drips and
Death to the singing astrologer's toy
The innocent grabs the fruit

Fire down her arms blood down her legs
Total mass destruction in the end
While all the while by the trail
Strewn remains of the oak key and chair

Once the child of X
Sails the four great lakes
The unborn is misconstrued
As the goddess is crippled

Between the river and fruit trees
Where ubermen fear to tread
Nightshade and foxglove grow wild
As the horse roams free

Once twice five times a picture
Reminds the many of a childhood game
While the singing astrologer
Disdains cancer light and picture light

Mayhem in the bleak sunless north
Flame to the hallowed place plunder
Death comes to the merry one
All in the name of the un-messiah

In thirtynine and seventyfive
When the grand wizard held sway
Prophet in the capital city
Tiger prints in the snow

In fortyone the dog
Far from home is found
Holocaust to orange and green
The riptide drowns them all

Troubles on the skyward journey
The crew restless and impatient
The mutinous hunter arises
Number one secretly involved

Revolution between the lakes
The leader mired in controversy
The new power ushered in
Though change is merely symbolic

Settled at the time of the cock
Is the house of the sky alien
Chartreuse spirit haunts the mind
Skulls piled at road's end

The jealous captain's body poisoned
While thrice a small bird circles
Many mourn as the great lumberjack
Falls young in flame and mystery

New religion in the south
Cult of the headless god
Bowing before levantine ubergod
And communing with the ghosts

The lover of men in water
Discovered there by the sister
A new experience for him
She gives what he cannot

The doorman on wings of steel
In paradise which be unmentionable
Where no waves pound the beach
Yet the tide goes through the motions

Many friends to the king
The meddling stepmother in tow
The survivor by the great lake
And the children of the comet

Debauchery in the eighteenth city
The cat house he finds penniless
Lady luck spits in his face
Dealing him the sixteenth card

Rebels in the city of kings
Blood drawn from the king african
The skin doctor's family vexed
Mayhem joined by X's child's friend

Council in the land of the euros
From albion and alba they wander
And mustered in the sinking land
A cult of the goddess of love

Dancing in the temple of blood
By the river in fortyone
Where flowers no longer grow
And the moon no longer dwells

Wind blowing from the south
Plots by the meddling stepmother
The caterpillar in the forest
Between the sun and the moon

Intrigue in the palace dania
The king by his own sword dead
The mantle taken up by his brother
The sister taken by the father

Troubles in the lands past iona
Rape and murder by the cove
The content with no tales to tell
The obscure becomes the obscene

His heart beats out of time
A fungus ravages his brain
Salvation when he does recall
The peaceful ways of the east

To life come ancient words
The tale relived many times
Caught in the deadly embrace
Bad luck as he pulls the nine

The yak yellow jacket and zebra
Along with the catcher of flies
Searching both north and south
Where utopia at last discovered

The ass wanders the desert
With the singing astrologer's toy
More than a city discovered
But blinding is the lighted way

The moneyed man and his friend
Schemes in between the mountains
One master of local machines
One chases white through the green

Great river drains the jungle
Horror crawls below the ruins
Shamen speak tales of the grave
From the great lake rises the savior

Revelation where they are irked
A messiah in flame, earth and moon one
Common man hears the uncommon poetess
The scotch house threatened by flame

Deception around center city
Creeping around in the dark
Flawlessly plot is pulled off
The skin doctor plays the fool

At the great lake three siblings
The first by a crab devoured
Another trapped under the waves
The survivor eats for two

Breaking the backs of the moneyed
They chase one and thirtyfive
Another who pulls out the nine
Worships the crying mallard

Six legs march in conquest
Between river and lake, the mountains
Thru the dells with freedom ringing
Past fire mountain and doctor sweet be

The south stricken by sadness
Three brothers and their friends
Souls harbour the un-messiah
Gorgeous one tangled in twine

By the lake rests the creature
Snowblind as the blizzard comes
Relations had in ninetyfive
Relations had in eightyone

Threat grows against the south
Blood spills in three dimensions
To ghosts become the five
The sun shines bright nevermore

Hernando sails from the north
An unusual cargo on board
Hawks crocodiles and lice
The sailors find self pleasure

Distant memories of the saviour
Pain to the left and the right
Kneeling down before god
Pine box forever is sealed

Mischief to deepest africa
Espionage spreads beyond borders
Rumours of ship run aground
Restless leaders get no sleep

Her son found in the wreckage
Greed consumes his callous friends
From the grave rises the wraith
On the it breeze is carried away

The Messiah seeks out his supper
His nemesis he departs and visits
While the fruit of the cocoa
Block return of his visage

The obscene loses his family
Uplifting advice from his uncle
Looking for playmate to play with
Rather finding the meddling stepmother

Where god of war is lost
He seeks the fountain of youth
While the bird rises and sinks
Between the river and fruit trees

Thru the flames glides the Messiah
Employed by purveyors of arson
While the commodity they all seek
Mongered by purveyors of ice

Deimos among the waves plays
The ten thousand islands rise
The un-messiah reveals its number
As the world reaches apocalypse

Way guarded by the un-messiah
The brothers souls are forfeit
Each with visions of grandeur
In the end vanquished it is

His words received by the smart
His dreams lived by the young
Messages of power vitality love
Without peer the immortal Messiah

Captain in the new city
The beast on the prowl
Justice eludes the killer
As down below they burn

Nineteen caught in the balance
Auspicious scene for a venture
The old couple wanders by
While darkness marks the time

Children follow the comet
Out of the brave city
Leading them step for step
To a black hole of oblivion

The voice of the killer raised
To be silenced by the stepmother
Hard to believe hard to explain
The white quetzal flies free

This is a curiosity that is not part of the Manuscripts, but is just placed here for filler until we get more installments from McBrae. I've run across this thing a couple of times, the first on 29 Nov 2002 at a place called Little Bennett, in Maryland. It was burnt onto a CD, and contained some other tripe about a curse if it were posted publically. I don't know what it is, but it seems to fit the look and feel of these pages, so I'll leave it here until the curse hits me.

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