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Riddle Rock

The park that surrounds bird's 1771 hope. Between pleasure and hope lies a small circular roadway (not oval or other shape); there is a frisbee golf stand about 10 meters south of it. From there, 1287 meters due north is the Turkish word with two vowels and two K's. From there, 97 P @ 37 D is the head of eastbound connector trail, which connects to the green-blazed trail. East for a spell on the green-blazed trail leads to a significant junction, where numbers can be seen. From there, 117 P @ 86 D are the signs. Up the hill leads the trail to the east. Following that trail east for a while, the red-white-blazed trail branches off at the first junction. Pressing on on that red-white-blazed trail more or less east, it eventually crosses the line of T's. At the first junction past the line of T's, a trail branches off to the left. Following that left trail, 162 P to a biggerish tree (gee thanks :-)); this trail will pass the by the acme along here. From the biggerish tree, 30 P @ 330 D to a pit. From there, 38 P @ 44 D to another pit. Northeast is the riddle rock. ?????


Posted 30 Nov 2008 -- Sir Braemoor