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Beehive crosswords are a format pioneered by Will Shortz. Each numbered hex, when solved, will contain a six letter word wrapping around the number (one letter per triangular cell); the word starts in the cell with the tic mark. The word can wrap either clockwise or counterclockwise from its starting cell. The numbered clues below each layout correspond to the numbered hexes. There are a pair of puzzles here now, I hope to add more later.



1. dragon 7. muzzle loader
2. ------head (1977) 8. not Alpine
3. beach 9. Mediterranean oak
4. messages of seven score 10. fraudulent sub
5. nut 11. wool
6. Yoruba diety 12. curse




1. music biz portmanteau 7. midnight rider
2. nerdy 8. c to c
3. Benedict's representative 9. number 27
4. messers Fine and Howard 10. marsupials
5. levy 11. American exclave
6. Floyd collection 12. Mexican beach hut



Answers, for those who need them, are available here for $1.29