O Log - Georgia Navigator Cup 08


      Here is the Georgia Navigator Cup '08, Day 1, M21 map, and here are my routes.

      Here is the Georgia Navigator Cup '08, Day 2, M21 map, and here are my routes.

      Typical GNC, cold, rainy, and or both, with the cold rain on day 1, and bitter cold on day 2. Still, its one of my favorite meets, as the people are nice and I love running thru the piedmont terrain. Someone gets it -- orienteering isn't about constant running thru endless, miserable swaths of green, at least they seem to get it.

      All good running except total stupidity on #2 day 2. Went on a ridge when it was obvious that the control was in a drainage. Even thought about that, but brain was not yet in gear. Finished 4th day 1, a bit worse day 2 (not sure where) on the day 2 speed and boom of #2. Wanted to finish top 6, so I was probably around there. Am out of shape, and that won't be coming back for a while.

      Felt the orienteering was pretty easy, felt the map was a bit over-generalized, and that frustrated me a couple of times, but it ended up not being a big deal.

      My comment might be that the courses perhaps could have been a bit longer, and there could have been a bit more variety in the legs, but I don't know what sort of constraints they were up against. All and all a fine meet.