O Log - DVOA Long O Champs 07


      Here is the DVOA Long O Champs '07, M21 Loop 1 map, and here are my routes.

      Here is the DVOA Long O Champs '07, M21 Loop 2 map, and here are my routes.

      Good run. Could not find a couple of trails, which is the reason for some odd looking routes, and bobbled #9, otherwise clean. Probably placed in the championship but was a good 40 minutes behind the winner, and about 30 minutes behind Wyatt. At least better than last year at this time, when I was in injury hell.

      Clem did a good job making Ridley more fun, but its still Ridley. The back 9 especially was a touch on the green side; the MF rose we missed last week was in full force. Trails are being overgrown, "light green" is being infested, etc.

      There is plenty of route choice, so this is a good one for armchair O fans. I'm not convinced I got the best route on any of them, but I was pleased with all my routes except for the ones for which I could not find the trails I wanted. I'm not sure if these are execution errors or map age errors.

      For the non-O people who read this page, I have created another outdoor puzzle.