O Log - Elk Neck Oct 07


      Here is the Elk Neck Oct '07,M21-45 map, and here are my routes.

      I did not have fun today. I'm not a big fan of running thru greenbriar and laurel, and while some of it was my own doing, a good portion was either unavoidable, or on the best route.

      I blew the first 3 controls pretty badly. #1 was poor route choice not knowing how poor the viz was in the green, #2 was bad execution of a bad choice (I didn't mean to spend that much time in the laurel), and #3 was just plain unfair in my humble opinion, due to significant map changes on the approach, and an unmapped gully in the gully system. Oh well, I'm sure #3 was my fault too. I suck.

      I had no logical way to find #3 until Tom O (who started about 10 minutes after me) came in and found it for me. I had decided to give it about 2 more minutes and DNF at that point, but when I saw Tom I was motivated to try to race him to the finish. I had a good run after that point, and did get to the finish about 6 minutes ahead of him. It still wasn't all that much fun, tho, still too much greenbriar.