O Log - Egelman's Park Oct '07


      Here is the Egelman's Park Oct '07, Advanced map, and here are my routes.

      Here is the Egelman's Park Oct '07, Sprint map, and here are my routes.

      Good race but very slow. Too much partying the night before, and no proper pre-race eating or hydration. There was a time when I was really serious about this that that would not happen (whoa, three demonstrative adjectives in a row), but now my attitude seems to have turned to a distressing apathy. No need to blather further on the reasons likely behind that. Also not been feeling very well lately. But at least I was clean, on the main race anyway.

      Got around to registering for the US champs. I just can't get excited about it, and no offense to QOC, who I know will put on an excellent meet. I have a wedding to go to that weekend, and the logistics will be a nightmare. Had to register for M21, even tho I wanted to run my age, so I could get an early start time. And since I don't care about the age group championships anyway, that's fine with me. More time in the forest. But, I am the defending US sprint champion in M40, so I felt obliged to register for that, even tho I don't expect to finish in the top half this time around.

      Interesting that I am more interested in training than orienteering. Almost blew off today to do a two hour run. I wonder if that is normal at this stage?