O Log - Susquehanna Stumble X

    [ 7-Oct-07] 

      Here is the Susquehanna Stumble X, Loop 1 map, and here are my routes.

      Here is the Susquehanna Stumble X, Loop 2 map, and here are my routes.

      Good race. We had The Gathering, Helloween, then Powerslave on the drive, so it was impossible not to be fired up. The excessive heat was also welcome, which I tend to thrive in perhaps more than my competition.

      Kept up a good steady pace, and only boom was #37, and it was only 30-45 seconds or so. Felt I had the optimal route on all the windows except the first one, which was a train wreck. Most green and slash on the map were totally white woods, so the routes look odder than they are.

      Finished 5th, which I think is best case. No interesting stories -- I ran pretty much the entire race by myself. Best part was running in the river on the route to the last window. Not only do I think that was the best route, the cooling benefit I think was helpful. Someone drank some of my Gatorade, perhaps it is not clear that it is BYOB on these sorts of things. And I saw someone drink directly from the water jug. I wonder if Ted Good (who was with me at the time), and myself are the only ones disgusted by that. We both took the time to open a fresh one. I guess that's the extent of my interesting stories.

      Fine organization -- nothing to whine about except a couple of map issues, which I'll let pass.