O Log - Valley Forge July 07


    Here is the Valley Forge July 07, M21-45 map, and here are my routes.

    Not a bad race. For the first time since my injury problems started last October, I've felt like my fitness is on the mend in a substantitive way. While, unfortunately, all hope is lost in returning to pre-injury levels, it seems, it was a nice uptick. I'm trying to be optimistic again.

    Interesting course set by Wyatt, dictated in part by park and stiltgrass constraints. Forest is much more white than mapped pretty much everywhere the course went; yellow is generally much worse. It was nice that most of the Mt. Misery side (west of the river) was on my normal training route. That was fun.

    While is seems obvious, in looking at the course and knowing that pin punching was used, that someone could gain advantage by cheating and taking the controls out of order, it was not obvious (at least not to me) that someone would actually do this cheating. But that is what was reported by a credible witness. Unbelievable.