O Log - French Creek West Jul 07

[ 8-Jul-07] 

    Here is the French Creek West Jul 07 M21-45 map, and here are my routes.

    I haven't been logging much due to the discouraging progress on recovering from my injuries and recovering my fitness. The last thing the world needs is more negative words floating around there.

    Today was more of the same -- very slow and a little sloppy, but no major disasters. Probably lost about 2 or 3 minutes. I did not have any fun out there -- the map is almost completely overgrown with brambles and other killer plants that look like they were transplanted from a bad 50's sci fi flick. The order of the day was trail running wherever possible just to survive. I'd say 80% of it is medium green, and the remainder littered with rocks and blueberry.

    I used to like this map -- it is where I set my first A meet, but now I can see no redeeming qualities, and think it is time for the dustbin of fond memories.

    Well, until there are more positive things to say, I don't see myself doing much more logging.