O Log - Fair Hill '07, Day 2

[ 8-Apr-07] 

    Here is the Fair Hill '07, Day 2, M35-45 map, and here are my routes.

    As I write about this a week later, I can look back on 2 8-9K races, and training in the intervening week at 70% of pre-injury volume, and report no significant foot pain. That seems good. The problem is that the plantar fascia is crunchy, which I take to be ossification, but since there is no significant pain, I guess it doesn't much matter. I'd like to call the injury over, but will wait 'til 100% volume and running M21 again.

    As for this race, not too bad except for some poor orienteering between #8 and #10. Boomed #8 slightly, then had massive trouble with the green onto #10. Saw my competition breezing thru on trails or better passages while I was constantly untangling myself. I don't think I was concentrating well in this stretch, but otherwise I am happy with the weekend aside from the lack of fitness.

    One more week at 70% volume, then try to increase a bit every 2 weeks. Unfortunately cannot go to Jukola, but hoping to make the spectator races at WOC. Did sign up for M21 at the team trials; my fitness won't be 100%, but hoping to have moved from 90 to 95 by then.

    It is interesting that despite my injury problems, I'm well on pace to have my best year in terms of average pace. I think that speaks more to the lack of technical difficulty of the venues so far rather than improved skill, tho I have felt technically sharp for the most part. My guess is that I'll be in for a rude awakening on that score at Surebridge and the team trials.