O Log - Possum Trot Weekend

[ 4-Dec-06] 

    Here is the University of Kansas Sprint '06 map, and here are my routes.

    Here is the Possum Trot X, Loop 1 map, and here are my routes.

    Here is the Possum Trot X, Loop 2 map, and here are my routes.

    Fine weekend of orienteering. I would rate the sprint on the KU campus in Lawrence of US championship quality, despite the WT being more like a middle (I don't see anything wrong with that, and they always could have lopped off the end if they wanted to hit the WT). It felt like a European sprint in many ways with the quick changes, unintuitive turnarounds, and the required map reading skills. I think championship sprints really have to concentrate on finding this sort of venue; I get less and less excited about taking a chunk of forest and blowing it up, even if it is around a campground and a mountain bike network. Unfortunately, I realise some clubs don't have a choice, so for me it is more a choice of going for these when they exist rather than disparaging clubs for not having them.

    My race was fine, hit both goals of top 10 and no foot pain either day of or next day. Obviously not being in shape it is hard to know where I should have been. Felt I read the map fairly well, and didn't train wreck anywhere, tho was not perfect either. (I didn't run off the map, I blew the scan and clopped off the terrain I ran thru, which I think was the best route).

    Well done by OK. Proves small clubs can get it done. Why not hold the 2007 sprint champs here?

    As for the Possum Trot, another fine race put on by PTOC. Weather, terrain, and start field were way too strong for me, and I bonked around the 20th control. This was were the lack of training really bit me. I planned to skip #23, but skipped #22 instead. I also train wrecked some route choices after the bonk as well, as can be seen. I believe #11 was the best skip on the first loop (I skipped #2 to stay with the pack, which, in situ, may have been the best), and I believe #25 was the best on the second loop.

    I really should have stopped after the first loop, but as my foot didn't hurt, and I was enjoying myself, I pressed on. I didn't expect to bonk; I usually eat of these long races. But it would have been better to quit rather than put up a crappy number. Oh well.

    On the injury front, my foot feels better today than it did on Friday, so that has to be encouraging news, after the most running I've done on it in 2 months. Rather than run with the velcro strap, I ran with moleskin on the bottom, which as been my magic trick, and I think that is a much better way to go (and its good luck, as I forgot the strap).

    Well, we're optimistic about the foot now, and just have to work on getting the fitness back. This week will be telling; hopefully no regression.