O Log - Holmdel DVOA/HVO Dual Meet '06


    Here is the Holmdel DVOA/HVO Dual Meet '06, Green map, and here are my routes.

    Ran green (M50 course), clean run. About a minute behind z-man, who I imagine is more affected by injuries. Don't think I lost anywhere close to a minute out there, tho. Felt out of shape going up the hills. Absolutely beautiful forest. Map was out of date; green was much more benign than mapped.

    Base of the heel hurt after stretching, but the original part of the ligament that was sore seemed fine. Not sure how benign the pain is. Pain seems to move around; there seems the possibility of either referred pain, compensation strain pain from the equipment (which I got in the other foot for a few days). See how it is tomorrow morning, and plan on running 3 miles Tue morning.