O Log - White Clay Creek Nov '06

[ 5-Nov-06] 

    Here is the White Clay Creek Nov '06 M21-45 map, and here are my routes.

    Slogged thru the race with no technical problems except #4, which I believe was unfair, and upon further reflection, don't feel there was anything I could have done about it other than luck into it whether it was fair or not. Also tanked the route choice on #6, but am pretty pleased about everything else, including the possible mild mishangs of #5 and #6. Speed was down, and that may or may not come back when I get thru the injuries, I guess.

    Did not find the course particularly challenging, and my mind kept wandering. Kept saying "wrong thought", then kept saying "whatever", as I thought of everything from my injuries to plasma TVs (it is true that shopping is a viable treatment for depression, when exercise volume is not available). Don't think I looked at my compass more than once or twice.

    As for injuries, it seems possible that the plantar fasciitis and runners knee have the same root cause, a single underlying bio-mechanical problem, and were brought out by the sudden increase of volume at the end of summer (2 course settings plus a general overall base increase). Now the volume is gone, but the damage may remain. It is interesting to note that the PF came out about 2 weeks before the runners knee, but of all the aches and pains I have, it ranked about 5th, and I didn't even know it was anything to care about at the time, being so mild. Then the runners knee was debilitating.

    Well, we'll call it the world's most mild case of PF, but it is amazing all the stuff the podiatrist gave me. Pills, PT, stretches, ice, orthotic prescription, shoe prescription, and, of course, no running. (Although he did say sort of under the table that delay the healing, not compromise it, and something else he did would only work for 5K of running :-)). That something else was simply covering the sole of my foot with moleskin, since which I have had no pain. Weird. Perhaps I am being too much of a wimp with this, but from what I read, nipping it in the bud might be the more prudent course of action. I dunno.