O Log - NAOC 06

[ 9-Oct-06] 

    Here is the NAOC '06, Sprint M21 map, and here are my routes.

    Here is the NAOC '06, Middle M21 map, and here are my routes.

    10000th control

    Well, I met my goal at NAOC, which was to finish the sprint and middle. Not much more to say. Was pretty sharp technically except for kicking around a bit on middle #10, and minor booms on #3 and #14. Was solid on the other controls on a difficult course, technically, and no booms or bobbles on the sprint. Route choice was a train wreck on #2 and #3 on the sprint, tho. Did not run the other races, but was able to take some pics at #1 and #20 on the classic.

    Also got my 10,000th control in the sprint. I know I'm not the only geek who tracks these things. I have no idea why I'm one of the geeks who do track these things.

    A couple of other random notes. There was some discussion as to whether the black line on the right route to #6 was an uncrossable feature. I went that way and crossed it, and to me it was a crossable cliff on both the map and terrain. I did hesitate at the time on it. This is one tough thing about sprints. Others concurred with this assessment, tho there was no official determination. I guess I could be disqualified.

    On the middle/classic days, the veg mapping seemed totally random to me, and I never made any sense of it. It did say in the course notes that the "vegetation changes quickly" or words to that effect. Guess so as it appears to have changed overnight between the second and third races. At least I feel better about not understanding it.

    Day 2 map
    Day 3 map