O Log - Sprint Series Final


    Here is the Sprint Series Final, Stage 2 Long map.

    I was the course setter for the second stage of this event. I felt it was very difficult to set a championship-level sprint in the area we had here. The goal was just to get people to the next stage without any mishung bags, and not make the course too boring. We at least accomplished the first goal.

    I'd write more, but as usual, there is no time, especially after the burnout and stress of this event. It was nice to see some juniors do well. It was nice to work with Clem, Sandy, Eric, and others in DVOA who seem to be with-it people, something I could use more of a dose of.

    Most of the comments seemed to be positive, at least the ones I heard. There are a couple of negative ones I'd like to respond to (one for a course I didn't even set, but I'd still like to respond to it), but that is for another time ...

    I was sort of happy with the WT, which was 15:23, I believe. My original prediction was 14:50, then I had to move the finish farther away and make one other adjustment to sync up with the other one, and thus I changed my estimate to 15:11 (but kept telling people 14:50). Well, at least it was close, but still out of the proscribed range ...

    As for routes, I don't know the fastest routes in all cases, but I did time a couple of the choices. Others I didn't time because I knew there was no choice in setting the leg, or I decided I was going to set that leg no matter what. In any case, I timed the following routes (red vs blue) that made the final cut --

    In all cases I ran the red route the fastest. I'm sure there is some experimenter bias involved, except that I don't have that much stake in the fastest route, only that there is a fastest route ...

    Well, after the stumble which is in a couple of weeks, I'm off of course setting 'til '08.