O Log - Canadian Champs '06


    Here is the Canadian Champs '06, Long M21 map, and here are my routes.

    I could only for the long day, which is just as well, from what I heard of the short day. Most of the organizational problems I noticed have been written up on AP, and I see no need to rehash them, except that I'm done whining about map printing.

    As for the orienteering, the yellow was nasty. The green was nasty. The white was fine, but so few and far between. The green was some sort of reclaimed apple orchard, and just quite a bear to get thru, the yellow was fields of chest to head high stuff, for lack of a better word. Said stuff included blackberry bramble and bracken, tho it was mostly goldenrod, milkweed, and other unidentifiable stuff. My training on Mt. Misery thru rough yellow helped alot, but it was still no fun. Add in some drizzly rain to the mix. Definite advantage to later starters, I would guess, and I started first.

    My strategy was to pretty much look for routes that avoided running in the terrain, which is a shame, because I enjoy running in terrain, otherwise I wouldn't do this. I don't know if this was smart or not, but it did minimize the unpleasantness. I even climbed a ton of lines up onto the escarpment a couple of times, knowing full well I would have to climb right back down, just to get trail runs. Was that smart? I dunno.

    At the end of the day, I did orienteer pretty well, coming in with probably about 2 minutes of mistakes, and a pace of around 10/K. I'll take it. It really was my best race in quite some time, and tho I wasn't enjoying myself in the beginning, I just sort of settled into a better attitude, and it became enjoyable in an odd sort of way as things progressed.


    In an unrelated note, being the map geek that I am, and needing to learn at least some basic javascript, I've created a map of the locations of some of the maps I've run on using the Google Earth API, so I can remember where they are.

    This proves I have way too much time on my hands, as this was quite a challenge, and a fun puzzle, in many cases. Each pin is exactly on the actual map somewhere (unless I made a typo).

    This is well over the recommended limit of 150 locations, so it will be too slow to be usable in most browsers, tho it works fine in Firebird [sic]. But, if one is curious as to exactly where some of maps I've orienteered on are, and has a bit of patience, it does load and zoom eventually.