O Log - French Creek East Aug '06


    Here is the French Creek East Aug '06, M21 map, and here are my routes.

    Another lousy race. I wonder if I'll ever have a good one again. I think coursesetting takes its toll, forget the physical effort, but also the mental stress.

    Not much to write about this race, I suppose I did fine on most legs. One leg I lost a ton of time venturing into a patch of unmapped 3m tall blackberry bramble. The coursesetter's notes mentioned this, but didn't mention what to do about it if the bramble was between you and the control, and all the trails were overgrown as well. (And I didn't even know blackberry bramble could grow that tall -- must be global warming).

    Well, eventually you get to the control if you hack at it enough. Its just time. Time that will look good on my AP log. Perhaps I can put it towards Sergey's magical number of 600 hours, and then I'll be an elite.

    Technically I'm still injured, (tho I imagine the effect on my performance at this point is minimal), and it is tradition to try write about music when I'm injured.

    The latest band on my radar is Flogging Molly (well, they've been on my radar for a while, actually, but they seem to be getting some well-deserved mainstream exposure). Another Celtic-punk outfit, but unlike the Oi! punk sounds of previous Celtic-punk recommendation Dropkick Murphys, they have more of a sound that recalls Wonder Stuff, the Pogues, or even that of Wolfstone. But unlike those bands, they are definitely punk. Anyone who likes Celtic music and punk music might want to download some stuff.