O Log - Valley Forge Fatlands '06

[ 4-Jun-06] 

    Here is the Valley Forge Fatlands '06, M21-45 map, and here are my routes.

    Tried to run hard. Ran under 6.5/k, not to bad, but still got smoked. Pretty much a trail running course with intermediate-level controls. The issue was not to be decided on navigation or route choice in any case, tho I was sloppy to the tune of about a minute or so. Just shows you can outrun your navigation, even when it is trivial.

    The map is quite out of date, and while that fact didn't affect things, it perhaps limited what could have been done from a technical standpoint, at least in terms of veg and trails (there are new trails, and it less green than mapped). We didn't get into the maze, and one wonders if that area is still accurate enough to be fairly used.

    I love this map, and it would be nice to see it updated. I think it might also be fun to try to set courses here that attempt to eliminate some of the dead trail running. That seems like a worthy challenge -- perhaps I will attempt it next year. Of course, dead trail running is a worthwhile skill in O to be tested once in a while -- I think I'd just prefer to be on the course setting side rather than the getting smoked side of it ...