O Log - Team Trials Maps and Routes


    Here is the Team Trials '06, M21 Sprint map, and here are my routes.

    Here is the Team Trials '06, M21 Middle map, and here are my routes.

    Here is the Team Trials '06, M21 Classic map, and here are my routes.

    Not much time to write, just maps and routes. First of all, congrats to those who made the WOC team (in random order): Pavlina, Sandra, Samantha, Suzanne, Hillary; Boris, Eddie, Eric, James, Clem (Swampfox declining).

    My races -- sprint fairly clean but painfully slow. Middle - terrible, classic, pretty good, tho not totally clean. Slower than I would have liked. I imagine I was about 10-14th in overall scoring, about the same as where I am at a US champs and pretty typical.

    It was a good meet, and even tho Hawn (classic day) is much greener than mapped, and the green mapping bears no relation to reality, it is still a special place and I really enjoy orienteering there.

    My one big gripe about the meet would be the Hawn day, control #4, which on my map is circling, at best, a very vague saddle, and, at worst, nothing but flat woods (which in the terrain were light to medium green). The description says "reentrant west", and I see no reentrant to the west in that circle (or anywhere else in the vicinity for that matter). Perhaps the course setter, MD, IOF controller, or course consultant, if they read this, can drop me a note, because I remain baffled. Not only did I boom "the feature", I walked the last 200m because I had no clue. If it was something beyond my ken, fine, if it was a mistake, it may have cost me up to 3 places vs people it would have been nice to beat (not considering any trouble they may have had on that one). The good news is that I don't think it affected who goes to WOC, so what happened to me doesn't really matter except from a geek/ optimize my performance perspective. But, what was that? (The fact that the thing was hung about 5m off the ground indicates that someone thought something was amiss, at least to me).

    In any case, way to much gripe copy on a fine meet. More curiosity than anything else. Probably won't be writing up an article, but may post some pics in the next day or two.