O Log - Billygoat 06


    Here is the Billygoat '04 map, and here are my routes.

    Congratulations to Neil Dobbs, and Samantha Saeger, the 2006 Billygoat winners.

    I was 9th this year, 6th last year. I think last year was the anomaly, as I didn't really see a way to gain a place out there today. I felt I ran pretty well and pretty clean, tho I was dropped by the pack at around #23. They were stronger today. I may write up the blow-by-blow on AttackPoint if I have the time.

    I added my route via Route Gadget -- the fork I handled by setting the control straight from 3 to 5 and drawing my route thru the 4 I took. The skip was harder to handle -- rather than just skipping the one I skipped via course setting in RG, I tried to trick it to see if others could enter their routes if they skipped different controls. But it didn't really work out, leaving me with a weird artefact near the one I skipped. I may play with it later, but probably won't have the time.