O Log - French Creek Central

[ 7-May-06] 

    Here is the FC Central May 06 M21-45 map, and here are my routes.

    Time for the annual run around Mt. Pleasure. I imagine most of my competition was at West Point, but you can't go to everything.

    Nearly perfect race, boomed #11 for about 20 seconds or so. I believe it was mishung, but I did not go back and check. It was on the tip of the veg finger, yet the center of the circle seems to be the NE end of the green section. In any case, ran about 7.5 min/k, which isn't too bad.

    They've expanded the map, adding pieces of West and North. I'm not sure that is a total improvement, some of those sections are nasty green -- it really needs another fieldchecking pass. Into #8 from the road, #9, and the first 750m of #10 had some nasty bramble and MF rose green.

    The first control was a control on the very first O course I ever did. That was cool.