O Log - Val's GPS Route From the Interscholastics


    Yesterday whined about #4 (#189) on my day 2 race being off. Val, who had the same control on her course, sent me a link to her GPS routes.

    I know next to nothing about GPS and tracking routes, so I'm not sure how much of this is GPS error, but #4 is clearly high, even if you take the local error as the deviation of Val's route from the trail. Since she is pretty close to the center of the circle on #1-3, perhaps there is some underlying local distortion of the map.

    Looking at #7, which was one I felt may have been too far east, and which I lost another 2 minutes, we see Val punching on the edge of the circle to the east. Again, this may all be GPS or calibration error, but it would be nice to think I could blame some sort of cosmic distortion for my lousy run.

    Vlad also complained about #8 (#213) being too far east. I'm not sure if Val boomed that one, or if it really was. Also, she had no trouble going thru the phantom marsh near her #6 and our #6 (#199).