O Log - Interscholastics


    Here is the Interscholastics 06, M21 Day 1 map, and the armchair gadget/my routes version.

    Here is the Interscholastics 06, M21 Day 2 map, and the armchair gadget/my routes version.

    Bad race day 1, mediocre day 2. By about the third or fourth control on day 1, I was not enjoying myself. I had a 6 minute boom on #5, and lost 4 minutes on #11. That pretty much sums it up. No focus, no flow. I don't enjoy it when the best route choices always seem to be thru the green. I was pretty tough about, but was so frustrated with it by #13 that I took the clearly inferior trail route around.

    I personally did not enjoy the map -- I kept finding unmapped rock and contour features, contours that were not corrected, and was not in sync with the way the veg was mapped. My opinions where shared with many I spoke with.

    My opinion of the map did not change on day 2, yet I had a slightly better run. Boomed #7 for 2 minutes or so, and #4 for about a minute. Something was funky at both controls, as well as at a handful of others, but I survived. I lost substantial time in that green area bounded by #10, #20, and the trail; it was old logging roads in there, and it was unclear of which the mapped and unmapped ones were. I felt the area was bingoish. I guess my attitude was that I can't really trust anything on the map, and when I was (at least I felt) on the correct trail in there, it just petered out, so I said -- "why bother". Not a great attitude, but that's the way it goes.

    I also had little energy either day. It is sad that the inevitable performance decline is happening so suddenly and so sharply.