O Log - Armchair Gadget


    Some people have commented that they like viewing my maps with routes, while others have suggested they would prefer just viewing the maps and playing some armchair O, and would rather not be distracted by my routes.

    Inspired by a thread on AttackPoint, I've decided to start drawing my routes in Route Gadget rather than how I had been doing it, which was using a photo editing program on the virgin map image. This will allow others to play armchair O on the clean map with my online map collection, going forward, as well. Further, visitors are free to use the Route Gadget program to draw their armchair routes on any maps in the database and compare with mine, ignore mine, or compare with anyone else who happens to drop in and draw routes.

    As new maps are added, a link to the map in Route Gadget will be provided alongside the virgin map. Right now, I just have a couple in the Route Gadget database for testing that visitors are free to draw on if they want. I'm not sure how many from the past I will add in, but I will take requests.

    There are probably tons of bugs in the scripts that make this work, and in the end, it may not work, but it seemed cool, so I decided to give it a try. I think I'll prefer drawing in Route Gadget myself, anyway.