O Log - Tyler Score-O and Sprint


    Click here for my Tyler Score-O '05 map.

    Click here for my Tyler Sprint '05 map.

    Weather was rainy and chilly, park was muddy and a bit green. Each control was worth its number in points, 10 point penalty for each minute overtime. Crop symbol was out of bounds. River could only be crossed at the two bridges, use of dams, swimming, etc., all out of bounds.

    Navigation was fine, speed was probably ok, score-O strategy wasn't really there. Never saw #13 on the map. Water got in my map and obliterated the area around #19, so I had to sort of wing it. Was greedy, figuring I could get all but #1 and #2 (not seeing #13), and had to leave #10, #9, and #5. And was a touch overtime to boot. In retrospect, the obvious strategy was to drop #19 and collect the 24 points at the top instead, but I am a terrible judge of what I can do in my remaining time.

    In most score O's, you can get them all, or drop a couple near base at the end. This one you truly could not get them all, and the river with only 2 crossing points make the topology harder to deal with than simple visualization. Not enough training at this sort of thing, and too much arrogance.

    Most people don't seem to like score-O's; I love them, and this seemed an example of how to set a good score O. My only comment would be less variation in the values; I don't feel one control should ever be worth 19 times another one, but otherwise a fantastic event despite the foul weather and sloppy, muddy, green terrain. It is also going to be tough to look at results, as apparently some people crossed the river at the dams. And I went out of my way to be scrupulous about avoiding the crop symbol. As a suggestion, they probably should have been marked on the map as out of bounds.

    Sprint was a bit tough after running 94 minutes pretty intensely. My time per K was not much better on the sprint than the score-O.