O Log - Photo O


    Click here for my Hibernia Park Photo O Territory map.

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    Photo O at Hibernia. A photo O is where you are given photos of control locations, a blank map of the area, and attempt to find the features on the map. I think it is a fun armchair exercise. In this case, you also had to go out and get the controls for points. You're on the clock time included time to study the photos, and time to go get them, and you could allocate it as you wish, and could come back to the photos at the pavilion if you wanted to. The total time was 60 minutes -- I think it would have been more fun if it were 90 -- as there really didn't seem enough time to puzzle out too much. In any case, it was fun, so I decided to put it up as a game (I don't know how it will do as a game, with the relatively poor scan as compared to offset printed map). I'll write more about the race, and put up the answer later in the week.

    Some notes: The start area is the hand-drawn triangle near the center of the map. The last column of the control description is the compass direction from the photographer to the control. We were also told point value of the controls was determined by distance from the start and technical difficulty. Finally, some browsers automatically scale images (mine does); the photos are clearer viewed at 100% (this is true of all images on olog).

    In other news, it looks like the Canadian Champs in 2007 will be in Saskatchewan. How cool is that? I'll update the planning calendar with the details I have later tonite.