O Log - Susquehanna Stumble 05


    Click here for my Susquehanna Stumble '05, Loop 1 map.

    Click here for my Susquehanna Stumble '05, Loop 2 map.

    The Susquehanna Stumble is a mass start race. The controls in the windows can be taken in any order.

    I had a good race. Made the podium and was only about 2 minutes or so off first place. I felt strong and sharp; orienteering is actually fun when you aren't in pain, and your body and equipment aren't falling apart. And I like this particular area. I was a little off on a few controls, but the booms were quite minor. I was happy with the way I took the windows, except for the third one.

    Some of us were so fast we beat the course setter to the map exchange, so 5 of us had a second mass start. That may have changed the dynamics of the race a bit, I'm not sure.