O Log - 2005 Long O Champs


    Click here for my Fair Hill Sprint 05 map.

    Click here for my Fair Hill Day 1 05, M21 map.

    Click here for my Fair Hill Long O Champs 05, M35-45 map.

    The mystery location from last week's entry was Istanbul, Turkey. PG and Jeff Watson figured it out.

    I had a good set of races. I would guess the total navigational error over the three days (about 26K), adds up to less than 2 minutes. Only navigation mistake that really made the radar was about a 45 second error on #6 on Saturday.

    I did lose time on route choice, but I always do. In particular, I wasn't happy with my route to #5 on the long day, nor getting tangled up in some avoidable green on the way to #3. I'm not sure about #6, perhaps going right was faster, but what I did could not have been catastrophic. I was also a little hesitant on #12, but I spiked pretty much every control over the 3 day weekend. Of course, the orienteering seemed easy, but it felt good anyway.

    Sprint and M21 day both placed 8th. I have to feel good about that. Not sure about the long O day where I ran M35-45, as I could not stay for results, but I am optimistic about top 10 on that course there also. I did have my day 3 speed, unfortunately, for the championship day, coming in at about 7.5min/k vs 6.8 on the M21 day. Perhaps it was hillier and greener ... I just wish the championship day could have been first, when I was fresh.

    My only regret is not running M21 on the championship day, as 22K would have been more fun than 14K. I had 8 more K in me when I finished, I suppose. Unfortunately I was pretty banged up when I registered, so I thought at the time that running less was better.