O Log - Hickory Run, Mongolians at WC, and Other Exotica


    Click here for my Hickory Run 0905, Red Course map.

    Hickory Run Club Meet

    Hickory Run is possibly my favorite map in the US. But the NE part is the one section I just wish they wouldn't set courses in. Unfortunately, we got a pretty good tour of that section today. It is rare that I have an unenjoyable experience orienteering, but I think if I'm being honest, I'd have to say I was cursing a bit today. The green is just miserable. Its not just laurel, its laurel on steroids on that side of the map. And a few legs forced you thru it. Even 5m thru it is miserable. Forget the rock, rhodos, and wait-a-minute vines, among other hazards. There is certainly a skill here that is valuable, and I don't mind a bit of it on an orienteering course, but it just seemed too much. Perhaps I was in a foul mood to begin with.

    The good news is I was clean -- my concentration and focus was exceptional -- and all that netted me was 10 min/k, tho I still think it is likely I landed on the podium with that effort. These sorts of races are supposed to build character, but I have fine character, having missed less than 10 training days in the past 7 years. I'd rather it build fun.

    I understand they are remapping the cool sections of Hickory Run, hopefully leaving that section off. I kicked around the idea of setting a 1 day middle distance A meet there today as day 2 of the sprint final; I think that would be awesome, and hopefully the idea will gain traction in the club.

    Mongolia at WC

    According to the web site for the upcoming World Cup in Italy, Mongolia is sending a team of 2 women, 1 man, and an official. This isn't something I expected, tho I'll admit to being pretty ignorant to the development of the sport in that country. Hopefully they speak English, as I've taken a keen interest in the orienteering developments there. Its not likely I'll get there for the race(s) next year, but hopefully an APOC is in the cards down the road.

    Canary Islands

    As mentioned in a previous note, the information on orienteering the Canary Islands is here. Canary Islands, like Mongolia, has always been one of those places I've been longing to get to, but the timing over New Year's is pretty awkward. We'll see. Since I won't be getting to Portugal due to the conflict with the team meet in Florida, this seems like an equivalent. One thing I have heard, but never researched, is that they have really nasty snakes on the Canaries, so perhaps it is just as well.

    WMOC 2008

    Speaking of Portugal, the IOF recently awarded WMOC 2008 to that country. Its early, of course, but this is one to mark on the calendars. The places is Leira Wood, near the small seaside village of S. Pedro d. Moel. I was there this Feb for a training camp, and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. In fact, I was recently thinking about which was my favorite O trip, an this one was one of the contenders for the top of the list. Of course, there is a big difference between a training camp with 20 people in an empty resort village in Feb vs the same in summer with 4000 runners, but I am still itching to get back. Maybe I can get back for another training camp off season and skip the WMOC ... but in any case I'm really going to miss Portugal this season ...

    Leira Wood, S. Pedro d. Moel, Portugal