O Log - Sprints and World Record


    Click here for my World Record Control Picking Course map.

    I was please with my sprints. Made the cut in the first round (by 1 or 2 seconds, I imagine), and missed the cut in the second round by 4 seconds. Not being much of a sprinter, I have to happy with this. Of course, I was in what I'll call the NIT heat, competing for 17th best overall ... I ran harder in the sprints than I expected to, and was shot for the third one. After 8.33 K of sprints, I was sore for next day.

    Next Day. World record course was brutal. 203 controls, 18.85K, map rockier, greener, and otherwise more physical that it looks. Ran 3:26:50, or just under 11 min/k. Pin-punched every control, which added up to a significant time cost and momentum cost. Also wasted alot of time fighting with the cheap map case and folding issues. A couple times lost track of where I was. Ran most of the latter part of the course with Eddie. Did blindly follow a couple of times when I just could not get the map folded, otherwise was navigating pretty well on most of the controls. Boomed #48 and #131 pretty bad (a minute or so each, which is alot on this course).

    It was a fun weekend, but I am banged up. 4 beestings which itch like hell, a stick and a bug in the same eye, and too many points of blood loss to count. Yes, doing this is loopy