O Log - Club Long O Champs

[ 4-Sep-05] 

    Click here for my DVOA Long Champs (Hickory Run) '05, M21 map.

    Poor viz and a few bland legs. I was mostly pleased with my run; under the conditions it seems tough to have a pristine run, and anyone who did has earned their club championship.

    I managed to get thru the hard part of the course (controls 3 thru 11) without major disaster, before botching up #12 a bit. #8 seemed extremely difficult with nothing to work with but a stray form line in thick, poor viz woods, and tho I think my plan was decent, I still boomed the control. Fortunately I was able to relocate fairly quickly. Damage control was working well today; something that has been absent for the past year or so. I'm angry about #12, as the woods are clear, and the topography obvious. I think I was running slower than usual, and my internal clock said you should see it now, and I panicked a bit.

    As for #4, I looked at the road to the left, never really considered the trail to the right. I did get some trail and clearing with less climb and more direct, tho I did hit a bit right. It will be interesting to see the splits.

    Well, I have a string of silvers in this event, not counting last year's course with a mishung control. I haven't seen results, and this race feels like a 4th, but one biggish mistake out there by my competition and I'm possibly on the podium, and this was the sort of course where that seemed possible.

    Its nice that Steve does a long champs every year. I (and I imagine the rest of the club), really appreciates it. We need a middle and sprint champs. This has been on my radar, perhaps in '06, tho I think what is holding me back is not wanting to be on the hook for it every year, as I am too disorganized.