O Log - Another Project


    Not much time for updates lately, as usual.

    I'd love to write on the 'following' thread, but nothing much comes. I hate following, but most of the proposals I've read, including butterfly loops, are worse than the problem. I believe the problem is intractable, as it is necessarily on the honor system, because I find pack running, when it happens (which I consider different than following), a part of the sport. In any case, the only solution is a long start interval. But we can't do that if we want to be TV viable (apparently). I guess it is a matter of which devil you wish to sell your soul to. Well, if you favor a short start interval (for whatever reason), then you should not whine about following.

    As for micro-O, I'm not even going to bother too much with that. I've actually never done it, but again it looks like a sellout. If TV is so important, how about a 10K road race, and for each minute or fraction thereof you are over 27 minutes, you have to find an orange and white kite in the nearby forest? That's my solution. The prospect of a world championship in orienteering possibly being decided on a track just doesn't sit well.

    Well, since it doesn't apply to me, I shouldn't sweat it too much. I've decided to really knuckle down this time and teach myself to make maps and use ocad. Mt. Misery failed because it was too far from work, so this time I've decided to map the corporate campus where I work. I can field check by looking out the lunchroom window ...

    Excellent sprint terrain, and hopefully less than 1000 ocad objects, since I am relegated to using the demo version. But I got excellent ariel photos for free that show everything, except, unfortunately for contours. The USGS is useless, so we'll see how it goes doing freehand contours for our first mapping project.

    I must say that ocad is one of the more obtuse and difficult to use software packages I've ever used. Nothing seems to work intuitively, and the help is way too sparse. Well, we'll see how it goes.