O Log - Mt. Misery


    Click here for my Mt. Misery 0705, Red course map.

    I've been training (trail/XC) on Mt. Misery since I first started orienteering. I even did some field checking of a small section of it until it was clear I didn't have the time (nor the skill, I suppose) to be a field checker. I was excited that the map was finally completed (tho without my notes, which are out of date).

    I figured it would be a pretty good home field advantage, but I decided to even the odds a bit by partying a bit too much the night before (something I extremely rarely do), and by making a 3 minute error on #9. Otherwise a good run, but it was not good enough, finishing 3rd or so on my home map (tho I think Wyatt trains here also).

    Its interesting, having mapped bits of it, and visualized how pretty much how the rest of it would be mapped, how two people can come up with completely different ideas of representing reality on a map. For example, my route to #17 may look odd, but I know those woods are pretty white, or at best a half shade to light green, and was surprised to see them rendered as medium green. Still may have not been the best route, but I was happy with it.