O Log - French Creek North


    Click here for my French Creek North Local, M21/Blue map.

    I enjoyed this course, despite the fact that it seemed to hit the greener and rockier parts of the map, or at least everything seemed greener than mapped. Ran 9min/k, which I don't think is all that good for FCN; hard to tell how much time is lost because I am sick, and how much is the above average greenness/rockiness. I did find myself doing alot of trail running, which is never a good sign for me, whether or not trail running is the best route or not.

    Was basically clean except for a moderate bungle into #2. Not sure about the trail network in there. Was quite green. Also thought #3 was mishung, tho the course setter assures me it was not (I think it was on the other rootstock, minimal time lost). Description still needs to say which of similar in the circle in any case. Never saw a platform at #8, nor did anyone else I talked to, but wasn't that difficult a control in any case.

    I ran 94 minutes, and wasn't at all tired at the end. That always seems frustrating. The feeling during the race is that I could not push due to terrain, the feeling after the race is doubt as to whether I pushed as hard as I could. How is one to know?

    In any case, we definitely have some more speedwork to do in the next few months. (Next update after Barebones).