O Log - Geeking Out


    Some of my friends are at Navstock, and some at the CNYO rogaine. Me, sitting at home working on a A meet sanctioning database and deciding whether or not to go to World Cup in Italy, and thinking of the prospects of a canoe O this weekend. Not that I totally hate canoe O, and I hate to disparage it as people put some hard work into it, but Erin described my feelings about paddling pretty well on AttackPoint. I'm certain I could rent a boat and have a respectable result without even launching the thing, but what fun would that be? (Isn't semiotics beautiful :-))

    Its finally hot. While running intervals in the 86F/30C degree weather, I'm thinking that in this politically correct world, I could probably lodge a lawsuit against race organizers for dumbing it down or having less races when it is hot. It ain't fair, I say. I feel discriminated against. (And don't laugh, 10 years ago, when they were suing the tobacco companies, I predicted that next they would start suing the people who sell fattening foods. I was right. Everything is for sale. Next we'll be suing our parents for the genes they gave us). Anyway, tomorrow they are saying 95F/35C, so even I won't do intervals, but the prospect of a long run in the morning sounds enticing.

    Well, the only reason I even bothered to write such a lame entry, aside from the fact that there would be no race map this weekend, was an excuse to write about some new music. Well, new to me; the album is actually 12 years old and is How to Clean Everything by Propagandhi. A 3 piece punk outfit from Winnipeg with a hardcore Cali sound that somewhat recalls NOFX both vocally and musically, but with and edgier hardcore sound and much edgier lyrics. Those who agree with my musical tastes (all 1 of you?) will probably want to pick this one up; possibly top 100 material. OTOH, this album is not for everyone, as the track listing will show. You know who you are.

    Well, back to O and the WC. I've pretty much decided to go to the WC in Italy. Not being WC material, it is still tough to justify, but at least my results have recovered a bit from the bitterly cold spring, burnout patch, and sundry issues. I think the justification lies in the future prospects of being some sort of team leader or coach down the road, and possibly providing some sort of support there. The 'net is wonderful, but it will never substitute for being there.