O Log - Hickory Run Mini-Rogaine


    Click here for my Hickory Run Mini-Rogaine \'05, my route map.

    Three hour score-O/mini rogaine at Hickory Run. I posted the map without my routes for anyone who likes armchair score-O planning practice. We were given about 10-15 minutes before the race to plan routes.

    Controls 1-5 were worth 20 points, 6-10 25, 11-15 30, 16-20 35, and 21-25 40. 10 point penalty for each minute or fraction overtime. Map is typically a half shade to a shade greener than mapped, including the white woods in the west, which, I think, are a full light green. Some patches of white in the east are true white, tho. Mountain laurel (most light and med green), was in full bloom, and it was beautiful. Still my favorite DVOA map, and probably one of my all time favorites, tho a touch physical, especially in the summer.

    I found all but two controls. I felt I could get all but one, but my watch went dead with about 9 minutes left in the race. I decided one attack, and if I boomed, head in, since by my calculations, I was going to be tight. I did boom, and had I had a working watch, probably would have found it, but I decided just to sprint in. Turns out I made it in with about 75 seconds to spare, plus, as it was a 20 point control, I had an extra 2 minutes to play with before it would have cost me. Oh well. I still think I had the most points.