O Log - San Francisco Metrogaine


    Click here for my San Francisco Night and Day Metrogaine map.

    Notes on the map (which is over a 1 meg download). My route goes counter clockwise, meaning #31 is the first one I visited. My planned route is in red, actual in blue. The controls in yellow are timed, meaning they close sometime during the race (#53 120 minutes start, #59 90 minutes after start). There were an additional 7 controls worth a total of 900 points on Marin (North of the Golden Gate Bridge, not shown). Each control was worth its number minus its number mod 10 (e.g, #59 was worth 50).

    I have written a long article on this race here. The good news is that I won the 7 hour foot division. The bad news is that I can\'t walk down stairs; my quads are shot. San Francisco is a wonderful city, and I recommend this race for folks next year.