O Log - Gator Cup Day 2


    Here is my Gator Cup '05, M21 Day 2 map.

    Nice little map of the middle distance race at the Gator Cup, in Guelph, Ontario. Had one of my few good races of the year so far. Boomed two controls but recovered quickly on both. For those who like to play guessing games, you can try to guess the two controls I boomed and I'll post the answers next week sometime.

    Fortunately, my patch of burnout seems to be over, and I am back in a training rhythm again. Hopefully decent results will follow, we'll see. mapsurfer.com is still basically dead, but there is new fiber in my yard (better late than never), and hopefully a faster, newer version of mapsurfer.com will be online soon (tho I'll believe it when the wire is actually inside my house), and I'll post maps and routes once in a while.