O Log - Hiatus

[ 7-Mar-05] 

    These pages will not be updated again until they are hosted on another server. The disk that mapsurfer.com is on continues to deteriorate on a daily basis. I can not say when they will be updated again, as the cutover is predicated on events I cannot control (the phone company has laid brand new fiber in our area, yet won't tell us when it will be "turned on". As I am looking at my whole internet package as unit, I was waiting until this was sorted out to do anything). My working goal was mid April, but this is a wild guess with no basis.

    I have decided that the massive amount of time I spend volunteering on orienteering will be curtailed (but not completely eliminated; I intend to remain involved with sanctioning and the team). I guess this can be called burn out. There is an intent (but not a promise), that some of this time will be funneled into letterboxing, for those of you who read these pages from a letterboxing background. Again, this will be predicated on my server cutover, as my letterboxing work requires a robust internet environment.