O Log - Sprint Training Courses

[ 6-Mar-05] 

    Here is my Norristown Hospital Sprint '05, Curly (1) map.

    Here is my Norristown Hospital Sprint '05, Larry (2) map.

    Here is my Norristown Hospital Sprint '05, Moe (3) map.

    The courses seemed to be well received, tho there are certain things I wasn't happy with, and after talking about routes with people, I got some ideas on how to improve things. So I guess my goal was reached as training as a course setter. People seemed to have fun, which was always a proximate goal. The third course seemed to be the best received; I was worried people would find it annoying. I did feel that three courses set like that on the same day could get annoying, or at least cliche. That is why I tried to give each course sort of a different personality and partition up the use of the area a bit over the day. The WTs were fine, given the snow. Kenny won all three races. Peter will probably have more of a writeup as part of the sprint series.

    I think it is a fantastic area, and we can have alot more good courses on in, tho as people learn this zone and that zone of the map, it loses some of its luster. There are a couple of changes that can be made to the map to bring it up to ISSOM (particularly canopies and building shading), and I think it would be better at 1:4000, but still a great little map.