O Log - Maps from Portugal


    Here is my POM '05, H21E Day 1 (Middle) map.

    Here is my POM '05, H21E Day 2 (Long/WRE) map.

    Here is my POM '05, H21E Day 3 (Long) map.

    Here is my POM '05, H21E Day 4 (Sprint) map.

    Here is my Peniche, H21E (Long/WRE) map.

    Here is my Obidos, H21E (Sprint) map.

    I may or may not have time to write an article on this trip. It is not looking good, but people are asking to see the maps.

    2 large errors day 1, both on trail grading/interpretion. I had a near perfect race day 2. Day 3 was one of the most interesting courses I have ever run, and one of the most fun, save for a hidden bag/feature that I attacked 4 times, including relocation off of a mishung control, before finding it exactly where I expected to (otherwise fine, if not great, race). Day 5, 14K sand dunes, incredibly fast, running my heart out at 7 min/k and coming up with a lousy score. These are the days you know its time to pack it in. Day 6, night sprint in the 1000 year old village of Obidos, by far the best sprint I've ever been in (it helps to be dealt an old, walled, castled city, but give the course setter credit for smoking the fat pitch. One thing to note on this course is 130m of climb for 2K). Pics would make it look cooler, but they do have a web site (www.obidos.com, I think, so you can check out if they have pics and perhaps do a photo O with the map, (tho I can't find the web site presently)).