O Log - Carb Loading at the Churrascaria and other Mis-Adventures


    Here is my SAOC '04, Model map.

    Here is my SAOC '04, Relay fork P418 map.

    Here is my SAOC '04, Middle H21E map.

    Here is my SAOC '04, Long H21E map.

    Circumstance allowed me to go to the South American Orienteering Championships, held in the pampas of Uruguay and Brazil. Hopefully I will have time to add my routes and write up an article on the trip by the end of the year.

    Summary: made the podium in the relay (first mixed, fourth overall, third in class (men open)); mid pack in the middle but further off the WT in percentage terms than I was at WC for a race that wasn't too bad (but my posted time was way wrong, don't know about the WT); 29.5 min/k in the long and I was happy with that (Spike, I think, once questioned how anyone could take 30 minutes a K to complete a course -- hopefully my story as to how that is possible will be entertaining ...).

    Updates will continue to remain extremely limited due to the off-season and the issues with the mapsurfer.com server (and I'm sure people will miss my opinion pieces)