O Log - Hudson Highlander '04


    Here is my HH '04 First Loop (Jackie Jones) map.

    Here is my HH '04 Second Loop (Pole Brook) map.

    Here is my HH '04 Third Loop (Sebago) map.

    Maps and routes for this year's Highlander. This year's race was staged at Sebago, with a 3.4K road run to Jackie Jones, an O loop there with a long dead run to Pole Brook, another loop there, then a run to the staging area for the final loop on Sebago. There was a ton of trail/road/open running -- I didn't measure it, but I would guess at least 10K, tho alot of that was part of O route choices, and not everyone took the same road/trail choices in those cases.

    Will Hawkins won; I was 4th, about 22 minutes behind, which is pretty good for me, or at least it exceed my expectations. I ended up about 2 minutes out of second. I was second at the end of second loop, and also very late in the race with mostly trail running to go, and was knocked off the podium by stronger runners -- although a race is a race whether its navigation or running -- the good news is I didn't blow it on navigation -- for whatever reason, that makes me feel good.

    Well, I did probably lose 2 minutes total on navigation over the 26K , but it didn't seem like a blow on navigation. I was strong and mentally focused the whole race, including the end, and wasn't particularly tired at the end. This is a first at a Highlander for me. But I could not have run faster at the end as I watched my medal blow past me on the trail.

    I ran a good part of the race on my own, and did some pack running. I was shaky in the beginning, losing contact on #2 and #5 (both seeming parallel errors, as usual), but fortunately there was a pack in those cases. I will probably do the traditional blow by blow with splits on attackpoint sometime this week.