O Log - Relay Champs '04


    Here is my Relay Champs '04, Leg 1 "Brown" map.

    I ran leg 1 of the relay, described as brown (short advanced). Course was only 3.3K in fast terrain, scale 1:7500. I would describe it almost as a yellow course (advanced beginner) rather than brown, except for perhaps bag #6.

    We took the silver medal. Lost by about 15-30 seconds. I was not happy with my run, despite running close to 6 min/k, as I lost perhaps 30 seconds, more than the eventual margin of defeat. I also had the wrong game plan and not my A speed nor the right mental approach, in retrospect. On the bright side, I was happy to not leave our team behind the 8 ball, as I finished my leg about 20 seconds off the lead.

    I may write more about these races in the next couple of days.