O Log - Cautiously Optimistic


    By Wed afternoon, I could barely walk and had to wheel myself around work in my swivel chair. By Friday I could run, and today ran about 7 1/2 min/k at French Creek (while worrying about my leg, and trying to be careful). It was just too nice a day to not be in the woods, especially without any pain. Whatever I had went away as suddenly and inexplicably as it came. I wonder if it was some sort of bizarre infection (lyme?). I'll have my test results Tuesday, but don't expect them to show stress fracture. Hopefully, the doc will have some insight.

    So, as of now, its off to Maine. Should be an interesting weekend. And congrats to Brian and the rest of the team, and congrats to David Irving. Looks like good efforts under tough circumstances, tho with a lame dialup connection, I was unable to watch anything.