O Log - Hudson Highlander IX

[ 3-Sep-04] 

    [I didn't see this year's Highlander announced anywhere except in a local yahoogroup, so I figured I'd post it here to help spread the word. This is one of the best O races in the US, and is worth making the trip for. Also, DVOA will be hosting races the weekend before in the same park.]

    SUNDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2004
    Harriman State Park, NY

    Pre-Registration Required: EDL Monday, October 4

    First, let me dispel a of rumor that has been circulating. Despite it's newly found enthusiasm in certain orienteering circles, the organizers of the Highlander will not be adding a culvert crawl to this year's event. You'll just have to settle for the traditional Highlander courses in some of the finest orienteering terrain around.

    The Hudson Highlander distance will once again be a metric marathon, 26.3 kilometers somewhere in the confines of Harriman State Park, New York. The time limit for competitors to officially finish will continue to be 8 hours. This year's participants can expect some of the same challenges of previous years - including both trailing running and orienteering on some of the very diverse maps in the park. As always, competitors will receive the Highlander hospitality that has made the event famous. Staffed aid stations will dispense food and drink at regular intervals, and there will be plenty of food at the post-race buffet that is free to all competitors. And, as is tradition, a quality commemorative prize will be awarded to all official finishers completing the race within the 8-hour time limit.

    Finishers in all previous Hudson Highlander's will be guaranteed starting slots in this year's race if their entry is postmarked by October 1, 2004 and received no later than October 4, 2004. All other entries will be accepted, in the order they are received, up to this year's field limit of 75 competitors. The entry fee - for entries postmarked by October 1st and received by October 4th - is $27, $22 if you finished last year's race. Late entries - including those postmarked after October 1st, received after October 4th, or phoned or e-mailed in just prior to the race - will be accepted only if space is available in the field, and at the organizer's discretion. Any late entrants accepted into the race must pay a $35 entry fee, so don't delay - enter today! Foreign competitors may pay upon arrival.

    To enter, send a check payable to Hudson Valley Orienteering, along with your name, address, phone number, date of birth, orienteering club, and e-mail address to [contact pdbennett@juno.com].