O Log - More Maps from Wales

[ 1-Sep-04] 

    Here is my Croeso '04, M35 Day 3 map.

    Here is my Croeso '04, M35 Day 5 map.

    These were the two difficult/technical days. On day 5, the "white" is actually rough open, not forest. Although not perfect, day 3 was a decent run, at least decent enough to be a better score than one of my cleanish runs on the easy stuff. I thought day 3 was the most interesting and most fun of the days, but IMHO I felt the course setter could have done more with the terrain, as there were a couple of boring stretches. Area was an old iron strip mine.

    Day 5 was my worst run, more due to physical factors rather than technical, tho I wasn't clean. This terrain was brutal, and soaking rain made it worse by the time I started. The rock, which seemed to be everywhere, was treacherous, and made French Creek's rock seem like a golf course fairway. One local remarked "if the insurance company saw where they took us, we would never have gotten coverage". Every 5 meters I thought I was going to kill myself, and I figured 10 min/k would be a great run. I was slower than that, and shocked when the WT was in the 7s. I don't see how that is possible. Apparently it was dry for early starters, tho I can't claim this runner had an early start.

    My worst boom of the 6 days was bag #6, day 5. Case of over-simplification error -- control seemed well-bounded and thus trivial, but the transition from open to rough open was not discernible, and there was alot of contour action below the mapping threshold, and I lost a ton of time. Over simplifying these sorts of situations used to be my MO, but I had pretty much weaned myself of this sort of technique over the years. Just shows the perils of occasionally lapsing into bad habits, and the value of developing good habits in your early years so you don't have bad habits to lapse into.