O Log - Colossi of the Relays?


    Its getting to be that time again, and rumor has it that the CSU recruiting machine has been in overdrive. With the upcoming relay champs basically in their backyard, race fans are wondering if they can be stopped.

    Will the Colossi field three podium-quality teams this year?
    Will the CSU team trials be more interesting than the championship and will they be covered on AttackPoint?
    Will defending champs DVOA spoil the party again?
    Will HVO send a crew of mostly unheralded juniors to snag a medal as they did in Vermont?
    Will SVO be sending their A team, or will Mihai once again be traded back to DVOA for a player to be named later?
    Will OK return to past glory with Mook now running so well?
    Will BAOC send a team east this year?
    Will RMOC send a team east this year?
    Will the fine print allow MBOK ringers to run for DVOA?
    Will the rest of SAMM move east, or will rechartering woes dash their hopes?
    Will QOC send a full team this year, or will Nadim finally fall into the clutches of OK?
    Will NDOA surprise everyone and steal a medal from the over-confident Colossi?
    Will Vlad do the announcing again, or will we be stuck with the lame Olympic commentators?
    Will everyone have the right sort of visa to be eligible?
    Will everyone have their club change paperwork in on time this year, or will the 6 month deadline be strictly enforced?

    These questions and many others will be answered in one short month, stay tuned ...